MarbleSafe® FAQ

Is MarbleSafe® recommended for daily cleaning?

Yes, MarbleSafe® is specifically designed for easy, everyday use.  You will not find a safer, more effective granite cleaner or marble cleaner amongst the commercial stone cleaners available in the market today than MarbleSafe®.

Is MarbleSafe® safe on skin contact?

Yes it is safe on skin contact, simply rinse in water. However, it is still recommended to use gloves to avoid ‘dishpan hands’.

Can I use MarbleSafe® on other stone surfaces?

Yes, MarbleSafe® can be used on all natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, onyx, slate, flagstone, ceramic tile, and even concrete.

Can I use MarbleSafe® on wood surface such as floors and furniture?

It is safe, but not recommended for wood.

How do I use MarbleSafe®?

Simply dilute as per instructions, then apply with sprayer or mop. Wipe counters dry with any soft cloth like a terry towel. Properly used, MarbleSafe® leaves no residue. Improperly used, MarbleSafe® requires only a clear water rinse after cleaning.

Does regular cleaning with MarbleSafe® help avoid staining?

Cleaning regularly with MarbleSafe® removes topical soiling which, if ignored, will eventually seep into the stone and stain.

MarbleSafe® is best recommended for use on:

Any and all natural stone; granite floors, marble floors, stairways, marble wainscot, granite counter tops, marble table tops, marble showers, granite walkways, limestone exterior decks, marble columns, marble statues, granite busts, marble tile and grout.

Is MarbleSafe® used on all kinds of stone finish/surface?

Yes, MarbleSafe® can be used for polished granite, honed granite, flamed granite, honed limestone, tumbled limestone, polished onyx, polished marble, honed slate, and all types of natural stone finish.

Is MarbleSafe® only used in homes?

No, MarbleSafe® is used both residentially and commercially, on exterior granite decks and granite walks, marble elevator floors, marble entry floors, granite counter tops and granite conference tables, marble concierge desks . . .

Why use MarbleSafe® instead of just water with mild soap?

MarbleSafe® Stone Cleaner is a mild cleaner that also neutralizes any salts (efflorescence) which flow out of grout or the mortar setting-bed before they accumulate. This accumulation results in creeping white powder which spreads from grout lines, cracks and sometimes out of the surface of the stone.

What MarbleSafe® does NOT do:

MarbleSafe® is designed for daily cleaning and is not designed to restore damage, remove stains, remove acid etches, provide waxy shine and build-up, etc. Contact Marble Medics Inc. for answers on your stone and/or marble restoration questions.

Where do you ship to?

We regularly ship MarbleSafe® orders anywhere within the United States. Please contact us for information and pricing on international orders.

Stone Care FAQ

Why does stone stain?

Any soil or food can soak into natural stone. If the stone is properly sealed, this will be less likely.

What causes stain? What are the things to avoid and watch out for?

Acid will etch most natural stone. This leaves a dull, rough spot which soon starts collecting dirt. Any soiling agent left long enough will usually soak into natural stone.

What causes bathroom/shower wall and floor stains?

Most often hard water and acidic products used for bathing, shampooing and cleaning.

What is the difference between an etch and a stain?

Etches are blemishes on natural stone which cannot be cleaned away. They are chemically etched, similar to the designs you see in etched glass, and require abrasive polishing to remove.

Etches can be caused by harsh cleaners, lemon juice, tomato paste, lens-cleaning solution, etc. The dulled, rough surface subsequently collects dust and dirt and sometimes resembles a stain by the time it is discovered.
A stain is generally a blemish caused by discoloration which seeps into the stone. Stains can generally be removed by cleaning or poulticing.

What are the different stone finishes/surface?

  • Polished – very fine ground finish, smoother and less porous, yielding a natural, glossy finish
  • Honed – ground finish generally matte/dull finish. Not ground to as ‘high’ a grit. More porous than polished finish
  • Tumbled – stone is distressed with tumbling to yield a regular, imperfect honed finish.
  • Flamed – thermal finish; surface crystals popped with heat to yield shallow, rough surface.

MarbleSafe® is Great for:

Kitchen Countertop
Entryway and Floors
Bathroom Shower & Sinks
Outdoor Deck and Patio
Statues and Busts