About MarbleSafe®

A little more than twenty-five years ago, Marble Medics of America, Inc. was founded in the West Los Angeles area to fill a void which existed in the marble restoration field. The boom in the marble and granite installation business was evident all over the Westside from Beverly Hills, to Bel Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu . . . but few viable options existed for properly repairing, polishing and maintaining this valuable investment.

Old methods of grinding, polishing, cleaning and sealing were updated incrementally, evolving into some of the fine products we take for granted today. Along the way, there were diamond abrasives which often lost integrity during use, scratching and gouging the very surface they were supposed to smooth; powders for honing and polishing that were often mixed irregularly or too ‘hot’ and which subsequently would burn or mar the finish of stone; cleaners that included ingredients such as ammonia and citrus, which would dull and etch natural stone; and sealers that were basically ‘car wax in a can’ which applied a film on the surface of the stone, was less than appealing, and in time would yellow.

As (Marble Medics) grew and adapted to the ever-changing products which were being developed, one of the challenges it had to address was to find a dependable everyday cleaner that could safely be used by homeowner, staff or others without the risk of damage inherent in so many cleaning products available in supermarkets and tile stores. With the help of a laboratory specializing in cleaning compounds, and a bit of trial and error, (Marble Medics) was able to develop a stone cleaner that was easy to use, that neutralized salts to improve marble life, that could be used as often as necessary without damage or adverse affect on sealers, and which had no use or application that could cause any harm to natural stone. MarbleSafe® . . . the name says it all.

MarbleSafe® is Great for:

Kitchen Countertop
Entryway and Floors
Bathroom Shower & Sinks
Outdoor Deck and Patio
Statues and Busts