Safe and easy to use

No Better Cleaner for Marble, Onyx, Limestone, Granite...

MarbleSafe® Stone Cleaner is designed to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of all natural stone, without the risk of damage inherent in many of the cleaning products found in markets and supply stores today.

Safe for daily use on all surfaces

  • Great for Cleaning natural stone in any application

  • For cleaning by hand, by mop or by buffer

  • Helps remove scuff marks from foot traffic 

  • …And haze from efflorescence

MarbleSafe® is great for:




Hallway Floors

Outdoor Decks

Walks and Patios


MarbleSafe® Stone Cleaner was created more than thirty-five years ago to offer a safe and affordable everyday cleaner for use on all natural stone. Marble Medics® of America, Inc., a marble restoration company operating in Beverly Hills and Beyond from 1986 thru 2020, created MarbleSafe® for its own use as well as for customers to use to keep their stone surfaces looking their best. Although it can be used on tile and engineered stone, it offers a solution which is safe for customers and their staff to use on natural stone without the risk of the etching or staining, which some common cleaners may cause. Easily diluted for any application, it can be used for heavy-duty floor cleaning or more lightweight cleaning of counters and shower walls.

Easy to Use

  • Simply dilute as per the instructions, then apply with sprayer, mop or buffer
  • Wipe counters dry with any soft cloth like terry towel. 
  • MarbleSafe® Stone Cleaner leaves no residue.