Caring For Your Marble - Avoid Pumpkin Stains

Caring for your marble Avoid Pumpkin Stains this Halloween

Every November we get calls and emails asking us how to 'clean' stains in marble that were caused by old pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.  The stains are more than just discoloration. They are chemical etches which 'eat' the surface of the marble or limestone leaving a ring or puddle mark in the stone. Even if one is able to remove the surface discoloration, the longer that are left decomposing, the deeper the etch.

Most professional stone restoration technicians are experienced at honing and polishing to minimize the damage, but the best solution is to prevent contact with the stone from day one. Simply place a plate or dish or bowl or tray under your pumpkins, and be sure to get rid of them when they start to rot. Some clients have suggested methods of preparing the pumpkins which make their carved creations last longer. Search for some of these options on the web. But a plate or a platter will easily do the trick. We appreciate your business, but ask you to follow this simple advice and avoid unnecessary expense. And have a Happy Halloween !!

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